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Aspen: Fueling BC Fire Services

Keeping BC’s Fire Service Workers safe with virtually no harmful fumes. Aspen fuel provides proven performance and protection for you, your equipment and the environment

Aspen: A Worldwide Leader

Aspen first developed alkylate fuel for outdoor power equipment in Sweden more than 30 years ago, and has spent decades refining and perfecting the formula. Since its inception, the brand has become a preferred fuel in the landscaping, forestry, construction and fire protection industries, as well as for motorsports.

A well-known and trusted brand internationally, Aspen has sold over 100 million gallons of fuel across the

Aspen is available in BC exclusively through Star West Petroleum and our retail partners

What is Alkylate Fuel?

Alkylate fuel is the cleanest petroleum product that can be produced. It is created in oil refineries by combining excess gases from the cracking plant, resulting in a high-octane liquid that is then mixed with other components and and engineered tobe used in most small engines.


For you: With virtually no harmful fumes, Aspen is a cleaner fuel that provides a dramatically better work experience.

For equipment: Aspen is free from ethanol, eliminating the corrosion and residue caused by regular gas. Our cleaner fuel results in cleaner engines over time.


Aspen fuel lasts 5+ years when closed properly. Safely store machines without emptying the tank, and count on equipment to start strong every time.

Lightweight, recyclable plastic containers will never rust. And premixed Aspen 2 is always ready to go.


“Ness Lake Fire Department uses Aspen Fuel in all our small engines. We have not had to take our equipment in every year to have it serviced from sitting all winter and having gas spoil which is a huge savings for us. iAspen is very dependable – equipment starts on the first pull every time. Another very impressive quality – it is odorless so we can store it in the compartments of our trucks.

No toxic fumes. I have strongly recommended Aspen to everyone I know.” PERCY DERGEZ – Ness Lake Fire Chief

Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 deliver power and performance for 2- and 4-stroke engines.

  • Aspen fuels are almost completely free of dangerous substances that can cause serious health problems, such as benzene, sulfur, olefins and other aromatics.
  • As a cleaner and more complete burning fuel, Aspen won’t corrode or leave behind residue or deposits, keeping engines cleaner.
  • Aspen can be stored for 5+ years if closed properly, making it easy to start engines, even after long periods of downtime.

With virtually no fumes, no ethanol and reduced hydrocarbon emissions, Aspen is better for you, your equipment and the environment.

Aspen 2

  • Use Aspen 2 engineered fuel with your 2-stroke engines. Aspen 2 is premixed with fully synthetic biodegradable oil and suitable for engines requiring 50:1 or 40:1 mixes.
  • With virtually no fumes or harmful components, Aspen 2 provides a significantly improved experience, especially when working with hand-held machines.

Aspen 4

  • Aspen 4 is an engineered fuel that is developed specifically for 4-stroke engines. As a clean high-performance alternative to pump and other engineered fuels, Aspen can be used with a wide array of 4-stroke engines, including generators and and other power equipment.
  • Aspen 4 will help protect your valuable machines, with less corrosion and residue that keeps engines cleaner and ensures machines are easy to start