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Covid-19 Safety Plan

In an effort to control the spread of Covid-19 Star West Petroleum Ltd has initiated the following Safety Policies for the Coquitlam Branch.

Customer Access to our building:

  • Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30
  •   Limit of two people at any one time in our reception area to conform to the 2 meter physical distancing requirements.
  • Warehouse access is restricted to employees only.  Entering warehouse through office and outside bay door has been blocked.
  • Delivery Companies must complete Covid-19 questionnaire prior to arrival.

Employee Protection

  • Employee workstations have been modified to allow for safe work distances between co-workers. 
  • Employees must always maintain the 2 meter “safe distance” requirement between themselves and co-workers/customers.
  • Facility lunchroom is limited to two people at a time to maintain safe distance.  Use and wash your own dishes, cutlery etc.  When using fridge microwave, coffee maker etc. protect yourself by either wearing gloves or disinfecting handles /controls etc. prior to use.
  • Star West Petroleum Ltd staff has been assigned a specific vehicle for their exclusive use: Delivery Trucks Pickups etc. will not be shared among co-workers.  All truck interiors (steering wheels, dashboards, gearshifts, door handles etc.) will be disinfected at the end of each work day.
  • Absolutely no sharing of any personal or company-issued items.  (e.g. PPE, pens, phones etc.)
  • Forklift in warehouse is the only “shared equipment.”  Disinfect after every use.  In an effort to ensure safety operators must disinfect before use as well.


  • Star West Petroleum delivery staff will respect all customer facility protocol e.g. (physical distancing, completion of health questionnaires etc.).
  • Star West Petroleum personal will only remain onsite as long as required to complete delivery safely.  
  • Avoid contact with customer personal and if you are approached avoid handshakes and keep your 2 meter distance.

Recap of Hygiene etiquette:

  • No shaking hands
  • Always practice two meter physical distancing protocol.
  • Avoid touching your face and wash hands frequently.
  • Have hand sanitizer bottle/wipes close at hand at all times.
  • Clean door handles, countertops, credit card machines, etc. after every customer.


  • Star West Petroleum Ltd has made available to employees non medical masks, (workers must wear masks when the 2 meter physical distancing protocol cannot be met and also consider the limitations of non-medical masks) latex gloves, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer stations are located throughout building.

As this is an ever evolving situation, we will continue to monitor updates from government and health authorities.  We are prepared to adapt policies and procedures in accordance with government recommendations.