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Petron Lubricants

Petron Corporation is a worldwide supplier of quality engineered lubricants. Their diverse product line, custom designed and manufactured to suit your industrial requirements and specifications, has pioneered Petron to become the industry leader. Petron manufactures a complete line of high performance and speciality products and lubrication solutions, designed specifically to suit your industrial requirements and specifications. Industries Served – Mining, Cement, Power, Steel, Wind.


Petron offers a variety of high performance lubricants and services to mining operations worldwide. Our top selling Petrotac OGL series are a proven open gear lubricant trusted to lubricate hundreds of shovels and draglines throughout the mining industry.

Petrotac OGL series is Petron Corporation’s newest offering in shovel and dragline Open Gear Lubrication designed to meet the latest requirements of leading OEMs. Petrotac OGL series exceeds OEM base oil viscosity requirements for open gear lubricants and pin lubrication on shovels and draglines. Petrotac OGL series excels in sleeve type bushings and bearings and anti-friction bearings that, by definition, are slow speed/high load.

Petrotac OGL is a semi-synthetic, heavy-duty, extreme pressure Open Gear Lubricant designed to lubricate open gears and pins on shovels, draglines, loaders, dozers, and other associated mining equipment under all conditions.

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