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TechTalk – Getting The Right Lubricants Into The Right Place

In this video, Josh Mercer, the director of Technical Services Training for Starwest Petroleum Philips 66 Lubricants, talks about the second of the five rights of lubrication, which is getting the lubricant into the right place. He emphasizes the importance of proper labeling techniques, which can help ensure that the appropriate lubricant is used for the right application. Mercer cites Armored Lubricants as an example of a company that has taken a progressive approach in clearly identifying which product is in a bulk storage tank, lubricant reservoir, piece of equipment, or industrial plant.

By using proper labeling techniques, it becomes easier to ensure that the right lubricant is used in the right place for the right application. This can help prevent costly mistakes and equipment failure. Proper labeling techniques can also help ensure compliance with safety regulations. Overall, Mercer stresses the importance of taking a proactive approach to lubrication management, which includes using proper labeling techniques to ensure that lubricants are used correctly.