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Phillips 66® GLW is a premium quality, extreme-pressure (EP) industrial gear oil developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear drives operating in wet or dry environments under severe service conditions. It is specially formulated to quickly separate from water to maintain effective lubrication even in the presence of water. It is particularly recommended for use in industrial and mining equipment operating in contaminated environments where an AGMA EP gear oil with excellent water-separating properties is specified or preferred.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent performance in wet or contaminated gearboxes
  • Outstanding load-carrying capacity
  • Excellent protection against scuffing and wear
  • Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Outstanding deposit control for gearbox cleanliness
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent water-separating properties
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Environmentally responsible; does not contain chlorinated paraffins


  • Enclosed gear drives of longwall mining machinery
  • Enclosed industrial gear drives operating in the presence of water, such as in steel mills and rock quarries
  • Gear drives and pinion stands of metal rolling mills, ball mills and cement mills
  • Enclosed gear drives on excavation and heavy construction equipment